Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu Movie Review




Rambabu (Pawan Kalyan) who is brought up as an orphan despite having mother alive forms a strong resolution and opinion upon the wrong doings in the society. If he reads something is wrong he reacts immediately. This character is liked by Ganga (Tamannah). She appoints Rambabu as her protégé in the channel that she works for. What happens at his work as a journalist due to his in-built character is what the film is all about.

He faces Politician Rana Babu (Prakash Raj) and reacts to his challenges forms the main plot of the film. Meanwhile Ganga starts to develop a crush on Rambabu and this is dealt as a sub plot in the film.


Pawan Kalyan gets a character that is designed around his real life persona. As it is so close to his thinking it looks like he is not acting but just living in the character. His outbursts are heartfelt and emotionally engaging. The pre climax speech given by him is one of the best acts of his career. As usual he is superb with his comic timing.

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Tamannah gets a character that requires her to act in a certain way. In Telugu film industry very rarely do we see a heroine get a full length character, Tamannah gets such a role in this film but it is a difficult one to execute. She tries her best but she succumbs to over action at points.

Prakash Raj is once again a super effective as an antagonist. His highly charged performance with right conviction and emotion elevates all the scenes that he is present in. All his confrontation scenes with Pawan Kalyan have come out very well.

Kota Srinivasa Rao once again showcases his mastery over emotional scenes. His recorded speech during the second half truly shows us the range of this versatile character artist. Ali and Brahmanandam have limited screen time but their comedy has come out well. There is absolutely no vulgarity in their comedy which has been a recurring phenomenon off late. MS Narayana gets a decent role and he is fine. Gabriela Bertante is a bad choice although the intent for the character is correct. Others like Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Uttej, Nazar have very small role but nonetheless add value to the movie by their presence.

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Pawan Kalyan

Melikalu Song

All Pawan Kalyan and Prakash Raj confrontations especially Pawan Kalyan questioning Prakash Raj about Telugu Thalli

Pawan Kalyan’s extraordinary ‘ordinary’ explanation about women

Brahmanandam-Pawan Kalyan news reading

Pre climax speech



Tamannah’s over action during certain scenes

Pawan Kalyan’s fight with Cross Dressers

Gabriela Bertante episodes

The film drops right after a big elevation time and again

The Ending


First of the film is bit slow compared to second half it is in the second half that the actual content of the film lies. The director seems to have worked out some sequences and those have come out very well but the rest, look half-baked and could have been worked out to something better had more time been taken on the script of the film.

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Puri Jagan is known for making films at a very fast pace and this quality has hampered this film. He has an interesting plot on hand but doesn’t realize its full potential. His best comes out only in very few sequences; rest of the film looks rushed.

Editing is good. Music by Mani Sharma is big let-down and the background music is under-whelming too barring a few sequences. cinematography is okay.


Bottom Line: Nice political satire that can be easily watched once

Rating: 3.25/5

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