Bhai Music Review-Template DSP In Free Flow



Devi Sri Prasad and Akkineni Nagarjuna combo started with a bang with Manmadhudu and Mass. What followed later has simply failed to live up those standards despite one or two songs being actually good. The last album in their combination was a success with conditions attached. So we have low expectations from this album as well. Let’s see how the album fares.

Title song Bhai is an instant winner followed by Nemmadiga which reminds one of DSP of the past. Following these two are three mass numbers all of which have the standard DSP template attached to them with few peppy and catchy addictions in bits here are there (first stanza of Oh Pilla Pilla, flute bit and following stanza in Aibaaboi, Rayya Rayya portions of Most Wanted). They are far from being bad but aren’t those super fantastic numbers either. They are strictly alright with some really catchy parts in between as we said above. Lyrics add to some fun though.

Bhai is on the whole a template DSP album that works fine as long as it lasts. Nothing really sticks out as super but it isn’t something that one would discard as trash either.

Our picks: Bhai, Nemmadiga, Oh Pilla
Rating: 3/5


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