Bangaru Kodi Petta Movie Review : The Namesake Song Entertains More Than The Film



Three different tracks completely unrelated to each other come together at a scene. What are the different tracks and their stories and how it all ends is what ‘Bangaru Kodi Petta’ is all about.


Navadeep and Swathi make a fine pair with good chemistry. They both compliment well each other and together provide the film’s finest moments. Add Santosh to this pair individually we have the best that can be sad about the film in a positive way.

Ram – Lakshman brothers are well cast and that’s the best that can be said about them. They have nothing to show in terms of acting and they do no action either.

Harsha Vardhan is decent as the part sleazy part scheming boss. He overacts at times but thanks to the less screen time it isn’t that big of an effect.


Navadeep-Swathi combined scenes

Short duration


No real tension in narrative

Predictable story n narration

Background score



After taking a lot of time for set up one expects the second half to have some stuff to hold the attention of the audience but apart from the couple of scenes at the very beginning of second half there is nothing in the film to keep one engaged. In fact the film is over even before one realizes with nothing happening that is unexpected.

Overall the director has taken a wafer thin plot and presented it in a screenplay that could stretch the thin plot to its maximum duration. As is with anything that is stretched beyond limit it becomes too thin and breaks, that is what happens here as well.

Music is noisy with nothing memorable or even remotely rememberable. The background score is annoying especially because of the way its used. Cinematography is patchy where as editing is fine. Dialogues are intermittently good.

Bottom-line : The namesake song entertains more than the film

Rating: 2.5/5

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