Baava Movie Review


Baava – Better luck next time

When stupidity meets creativity it leads to even more stupidity. That’s what one witnesses and feels at the end of the screening of the movie called Baava, which released today. Imagine a village based movie with all its typical elements and village charms moving forward turned to sports drama all of a sudden or a family saga. This strange recipe is created by the director in the name of creativity.

Veera Babu (Siddharth) is a typical youngster which we have witnessed in countless Telugu films before. He is no different here. He loves to tease everyone in the village and creates problems to all. One day he falls for a girl. No prizes for guessing it’s our heroine, and as in every other film that you might have seen she rejects the hero for time being. Later she discovers the love and they both are happy. When they are both happy someone else for sure must not be happy. This unhappy guy creates a problem which finally takes a completely stupid turn towards the second half leaving the audience bewildered. In the meanwhile you have a sappy family drama too, which has a love saga of its own. All this sagas give you a burning feel at the end of the movie.

The choice of Siddharth to do a village based movie after a slew a rich spoilt brat characters is positive. However his script lets him down completely. He does well during the start of the movie but leaves a lot to be desired during the highly charged emotional scenes, which by the way looks like another take on Bommarillu climax. Rajendra Prasad’s character is not properly etched thus reducing its impact and his acting scope in the film. Pranitha does a typical heroine character well. Her introduction, though completely over the top, is still very nice. Brahmanandam’s spoof on Varudu’s “aidu rojula pelli” is fine. Others like Ahuti Prasad, Pavitra Lokesh, Tanikella Bharani and Samrat do their routine.

The standout work of the film comes from the cinematographer Aravind Krishna. He captures the village localities very beautifully. When it comes to music and background score of the film, the less said the better. Chakri disappoints big time. Had editor done his work properly the film would have stayed in cans. The director Rambabu is the biggest culprit here who doesn’t come up with an interesting screenplay. While his visuals are spot on his story selection is poor and outdated. The failure of the film is entirely his.

Bottomline: When almost half of the audience leave out the cinema during an ongoing song and don’t come back, you know what the fate of the film is going to be.

Rating : 2/5

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