Vaadu Veedu Movie Review


What is the film about?
We are still thinking.

Well what’s the plot then?
If we had known what the film is about wouldn’t we have told you about the plot?

Ok then what happens in the movie?
We have three principle characters in the movie the movie just showcases their bond till the end.

So is it entertaining?
Yes it is but it’s rooted in a setting that while being familiar is still overtly faithful to its Tamil culture. Thus, in spite of being entertaining it’s hard to digest few things.

By ‘Tamil’ culture do you mean it has a lot of ‘You-Know-What’?
Not just a lot, all the characters are dipped, soaked and display ‘You-Know-What’.

Can we handle it?
If you have seen the director’s previous film Nenu Devudni, this would appear to be quite a light affair.

What if we haven’t?
Then you must have seen Sivaputrudu, this is Sivaputrudu redone minus its soul.

So what about the performances?
Now performances are all you have in the film. Everyone does well in the film with Vishal taking the cake. This is undoubtedly his best performance till now and will remain so for a long time to come. Arya does well too and is hilarious in few sequences. But it is the veteran G M Kumar who steals the show in the end with his heart touching performance. Others pale in comparison to these three characters.

How about Music and other departments?
Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is fine and so is the background music. Cinematography by Arthur A Wilson is first rate; he perfectly captures the rugged terrain so much so that we feel the smell of sweat around us. Editing could have been better the film slows down a lot during the second half.

Overall how is the film?
The film has no story to tell it just captures a phase in the life of the three important characters of the film. Which just leaves us with few episodes in their life during that event splattered across the length of the film. While some are funny most of the things drag. The second half appears to drag more as it gets heavy towards the end.

Bottomline: Sum of the parts is not equal to whole.

Rating: 2.75/5


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