Movie Review: Bhaagamathie


What’s Good: Few thrilling moments and excellent supporting cast all around

What’s Bad: It’s the same predictable story we have seen countless times before and mostly told in the same style before

Popcorn Break: Before and after suspenseful moments and whenever we get into the actual story

Watch or Not: Watch it if there is no other option and that seems to be the case for this week.

Trade Talk: The openings are excellent all over. Word of mouth is likely to be decent which takes care of the weekend. The real trend would be visible from Monday onwards. Most likely Bhaagamathie could be another one of those weekend wonders.


The basic story of Bhaagamathie is simple and seen many times. Director G Ashok adds the twist to it by adding the horror angle. It has worked out mainly. Once the real suspense is revealed, he has not been able to hold the interest though. The good thing here is the movie wraps up pretty soon after the suspenseful events are unfolded, and all cards are put on the table.

The first half of Bhaagamathis is decent with a right creation of the eerie mood and set up at the Bhaagamathia mansion. The background score gets the maximum credit in keeping people hooked to the proceedings. One is always looking forward to knowing what happens next apart from few horror comedy clichés.

After an arresting interval bang, the second half maintains the momentum only to lose it all by the pre-climax. Leave aside the few comedy scenes, there are no extra scenes in the movie, but the screenplay is weak, and the effect that a gripping narrative should have is missing. Repetition is one issue whereas placement of particular scenes is another one. The screenplay kills the suspense element and makes the narrative predictable. And when it is not anticipated, it is illogical. The bottom line is the narration is not up to the mark either way. Overall, Bhaagamathie is a decent one time watch if there are not enough expectations.

The background score is excellent. SS Thaman excels in that department again. The cinematography is superb and builds the creepy atmosphere very well. The editing isn’t crisp. The production values by UV Creations are fabulous.

Final Conclusion: Watch it because there is nothing else this weekend. If you are a movie buff watch it to find the many inspirations and clichés that the movie is plagued with. It would be fun that way.

Rating: 2.75/5

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