Anthaka Mundu Aa Taruvata Movie Review


Anil (Sumanth Ashwin) wants to enjoy his love life and perks associated with it till he feels satisfied and then marry. Ananya (Eesha) is looking for a fairy tale romance in these ever busy times. Both as expected fall in love and that’s when the actual story begins where these two individuals must understand each other and judge their relationship in order to not end up like their parents. Can they manage this fairytale relationship without getting effected by the parental and other external issues? How it all ends is what the film is all about.

This is Sumanth Ashwin’s second film and the actor is the same here much like his first film. He is confident and dances well but the problem of the screen presence continues here as well although it’s better compared to the debut.

Eesha too is assured and confident and in fact is a step ahead as far as the emotional sequences goes. Madhubala makes a return to silver screen after a long gap. She looks fragile as a whole but manages to overcome that with a solid performance. It’s hysterical at times but is in tone with the character.

Ravibabu and Rao Ramesh get good characters and they do justice to their roles very well especially Rao Ramesh. His scene in the park with Sumanth Ashwin would surely be among the best acts in his career so far. However, certain, earnestness seem to be creeping in every performance of the actor and a genuine surprise too is missing in terms of the act. He needs to take care of that aspect to go to the next level as a character artist. Rohini does her part well in a clinical fashion.

Among the rest Avasarala Srinivas and the forty plus guy working under Sumanth Ashwin in his office, shine and are instantly memorable. Both get some really hilarious lines that draw the maximum applause from the audience.



Drags a bit in the second half
Could have done away with a song

The core theme of Anthaka Mundu Aa Taruvata has been recently seen in a couple of films with varying outlooks and solutions. What separates Anthaka Mundu Aa Taruvata from those films is the director’s touch that is evident here. Screenplay and dialogues by Mohan Krishna Indraganti are the real heroes in the film.

The director never lets the focus veer off into different directions diluting the theme for the sake of entertainment, instead he tries to bring out the entertainment from within the theme itself. It’s a double edged sword where things could easily look stagnant and boring, after all how many times could someone tell the same thing over and over again without it sounding like lecturing and hence boring. Thanks to the crisp dialogues director successfully evades this problem, ignoring the slight repetitiveness during the second half.

Most of the problems faced are shown in a simple manner without too much melodrama. At the same time proper care has been taken so that those problems aren’t dismissed as kiddish stuff. Overall Mohan Krishna Indraganti narrates his story with a gusto that rubs onto the viewers by the end to leave them smiling with a great satisfaction.

Music by Kalyani Koduri is fantastic as we have said in our review long ago. Today after watching the film the impact is only enhanced due to its proper placement. The background score compliments the film and adds to the mood therefore making the film on the whole one of the most memorable works of the music director.

Cinematography is awesome giving the film a fresh look and a first rate editing keeps the film moving at a sharper pace for most of the film.

Production values are rich and finally the producer must be appreciated for backing such a subject and especially not resorting to too much commercialization of the subject.

Bottom-line: Bootu Leni Youth Chithram – A must watch
Rating: 3.75/5

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