Andala Rakshasi Movie Review


Andala Rakshashi is primarily the story of three characters Mithuna, Surya and Gautam. How the lives of these characters are connected through a common thread love is the basic story of the film.

The film begins in present where Mithuna is recovering post an accident and Gautam takes care of her because he loves her. But she is already in love with Surya and she can not forget him. Later in the second half the flashback is revealed which showcases the love between Mithuna and Surya. The present and the flashback finally ends in a climax that has to be seen on screen.

As stated above the film is primarily about the three characters Mithuna, Surya and Gautam. Lavanya is clearly the best of the three with her Mithuna act. She gets the character pitch perfect especially in the second half. It’s a character that has arrogance coupled with innocence and she brings forth both the qualities very well. But while the character is good for performance and audience likeability it lacks consistency and is shown in a haphazard manner that makes audience have absolutely no sympathy for her character at the end.

When it comes to Surya’s (Naveen) performance it is a bit monotonous after a point as there is nothing else his character does and goes completely missing.

Rahul on the other hand is opposite of Naveen and looks very sophisticated, casual and calm going. Once again it’s a perfect casting as he looks the part. He too does well though try too hard at times. His voice though is eerily similar to actor Siddharth.

Apart from these main leads other character artists like Pragati as Mithuna’s mother and Satish Kaseti, CVR etc did their roles very well.

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Loud unnatural action
Poor screenplay

The film has a simple but very predictable story if one looks through all the mumbo-jumbo. The director is clearly inspired by a set of films and the characters and their action too reflect that. But the director also wants his film to be a memorable one on its own and this is where he falters.

Instead of narrating a simple and straight forward film the director makes a mess with the screenplay. This messed up screenplay with background music that is broken into pieces at all the wrong times doesn’t let one get settled in the environment that he has very effectively and painstakingly created. Result is all the action sticks out like sore thumb and what could have been a normal action to its environment appears unnatural and forced. This unnatural and forced action coupled with snail paced screenplay makes one hard to sit through the film in its entire duration.

Comparatively the second half of the film is better but that’s only till the flashback lasts. Other than this flashback part rest of the film is plain boring.

Director Hanu Raghavapudi makes his debut with this film. He has a remarkable vision for sound and photography that can be seen through out. Sadly all the hard work is undone because of a poor screenplay.

Cinematography by Murali G is wonderful so is the music by Radhan. Editing should have been a lot better as the film appears incoherent for most part.

Bottom-line: Wait for DVD
Rating: 2/5

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