Anaganaga O Dheerudu Music Review


Ninu Choodani is a soothing Keeravani melody with pleasing harmonium and violin backed interludes. There is great quality in the arrangements and song sounds very fresh from the beginning to the end. Lyrics by Chandrabose are fine although doesn’t offer anything new.

Premalekhanu Rasenu Ila Pedalu is a typical Salim Sulaiman melody for anybody who’s been listening to his music. But it’s still very pleasing to hear. Shreya Ghosal as usual is fantastic and Salim Merchant who makes is debut in Telugu as singer makes for good listen. The Telugu pronunciation could have been clearer though. Lyrics by Chandrabose are fine though nothing special.

Pralaya kaalabheela has great BGMs throughout which gives the song its class but is let down by its lyrics which seem kiddish at times. Though that may be the desired effect to match its picturization on screen, as a song the lyrics sound odd at some portions. Geeta Madhuri does well with the modulation of her voice.

Chandamama la Aandagadini has music by Mickey J Mayor. This music seems to be by the Mickey who gave music for Notebook, which isn’t a bad thing but rather good. The interludes are fantastic and maintain the overall quality of the album. There seems to be a mismatch between interludes and the stanzas initially but after few listens everything seems perfect and singing by Karthik makes this one a winner.

Tarumukosthundi Samayam once again has great BGMs but the song is very thematic and may come as background song during parts of the film. Not a song for repeat hearing. S P Balasubhramanyam elevates the song by giving it right amount of aggression and passion through singing.

Yodha theme starts off slowly almost as a whisper and slowly builds up momentum and pace as it goes along. Its catchy and fits the scale of the movie but its very short.

Overall a very consistent album in terms of melody and sound, which also gives us a feel of the grandness that the film promises.

Rating – 3.5/5

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