Badrinath Music Review


Omkareshwari begins the album on an auspicious note. Penned by Late Veturi Sundara Rama Murthy garu, the lyrics are flawless and capture the spirit of holy shrine. While the small English portions doesn’t suit the flow of the song, overall the rendition by Shankar Mahadevan and M M Keeravani make this song a pleasant listen.

Ambadari follows next which is typical mass song of M M Keeravani, where even the lyrics are predictable. Revanth and Shravana Bhargavi sing this song with their full energy and they make this predictable tune listenable with their singing. The lyrics are pretty ordinary. a song which entirely depends upon the visuals to make a mark.

In The Night comes next which has a nice mixture of hip hop and rock. Baba Sehgal croons this number along with Shravana Bhargavi which is full of energy but appears very short when it ends. The lyrics just compliment the music but have nothing to add on its own.

Nachavura is another typical M M Keeravani number with good acoustic instrumentation. Once again the music even though repetitive takes the center stage while the lyrics just comply the tune.

Nath Nath is the song which follows next. The lyrics are so contrived that it almost evokes laugh on first hearing especially when the “Nath Nath” phrase is repeated. But due credits must be given to the music director along with singers who make the song lively through out without any fall of tempo, so much so that in spite of its corny lyrics one ends up humming the song. The song obviously has nothing to offer in terms of innovative music,just a foot taping number that would last as long as the film lasts at the box office.

Chiranjeeva Chiranjeeva again doesn’t offer anything new in terms of music but is pretty hummable. Revanth and Shreya Ghosal make one to listen through the song without cringing. The second interlude of the song along with the ending is very neatly done which makes a good impression musically.

Vasundhara is the song of the album as in its not a recycled tune and offers a verity which is missing in this album. Swetha Pandit without any doubt is the show stealer although M M Keeravani tries his best to bring this song to the level of other songs in this album. Sehnai based second interlude is the best portion musically in the album. The lyrics are adequate. Finally a song that is worth listening purely for its music and which deserves a repeat listening.

The album ends with Badrinath theme which is definitely adrenaline raising and thus satisfying its purpose but nothing beyond it.

Overall when one finishes listening the album for the first time it leaves the listeners with a satisfied feeling. A feeling that’s very difficult to achieve in today’s time. The album doesn’t boast of path breaking songs but promises to fulfill the least expectancy of the listeners and gives them a confidence that songs aren’t a complete waste of time and could go a long way with good picturization. To put it bluntly the songs are infinite better ‘musically’ when compared with the music directors previous BIG film’s music pre-release and doesn’t evoke a disappointment feeling.

Rating: 3.05/5


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