Allu Arjun's Badrinath Movie Review


First off all is Badrinath a periodic film?
No it is not, the film is set very much in contemporary times but the characters behave and act like they are from an older generation.

Any similarities with Magadheera ?
Apart from the fight sequences which have the Magadheera hangover there is nothing similar between the two films.

Ok so what is the film about?
The film is about the savior of Badrinath shrine badri and his choices whethe to choose his mentor or opt for love. This dilema is handled very regressive fashion which forms the crux of the story.

How are the performances?
Allu Arjun looks and talk like a warrior and does a very convincing act. Dances are superb and he carries the whole film on his shoulders. Prakash Raj is not properly utilized and hence fails to create any impact. Tamannah does well in a role that has limited scope to perform. The glamour quotient was at its maximum display in songs. Other actors are just non existent.

V.V.Vinayak films generally have very good comedy, is it the same here?
Sadly that’s not the case as the comedy here appears formulaic and labored rather than spontaneous. In fact the comedy appears pretty stale in spite of having hoard of comedians.

How are the songs onscreen?
The not so great songs of the audio appear a lot better visually thanks to some nice choreography and energetic dances by Allu Arjun.

Then what is good in this film?
The visuals are fantastic and the emotional quotient although clichéd is pretty high. Those who like the film to be a serious affair with lots of heroism will like the movie. The first half of the film beautifully integrates the routines at Badrinath shrine into screenplay which makes the film look fresh.

What’s bad?
Second half of the film is a downer compared to the first half of the film. Badrinath is no longer part of the screenplay it’s just another fancy backdrop which adds nothing to the movie except visuals. That leaves us with a typical Telugu formula based movie where hero just bashes up the goons.

What about the production values of “Geetha Arts”?
The film right from the first frame bears a glossy look and provides a visual feast to the viewers.

Tell us about the technical crew?
Music by M M Keeravani is ok but he makes up big time with his background score. Cinematography  is superb; he captured the hilly locations beautifully. Editing could have been much smoother especially during the fight sequences. Fights by Peter Heins are very gory in nature but well executed.

Bottomline: Watch it if you love serious mass movies or if you like movies  like Simha.
Rating: 2.75 /5


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