Nuvva Nena Movie Review



Two boys Avinash (Allari Naresh) and Anand (Sharwanand) try to woo a girl Nandini (Shriya). They try to out do each other to win the love of the girl. Did the girl fall in love? Who among the two succeeds in winning the love? Or is there any twist in the tale? This age old love triangle is the basic story of the film.

Avinash (Allari Naresh) is a thief in Amalapuram. One fine day he along with his side kick Chanti (Ali), con the police and run away with huge sum of money to Hyderabad. Upon their arrival in the city they see Nandini (Shriya) and fall in love.Allari-Naresh-Sriya-Sarwanand-Movie-Review

Anand (Sharwanand) is phobic guy who is afraid of everything. His father takes him to a doctor who happens to be none other than Nandini (Shriya). He falls in love with her and follows her everywhere.

Each one comes to know about this and they try to out do each other to win her. Amidst all this one-upmanship we have Aaku Bhai (Brahmanandam) who also tries for Nandini.


The film is primarily centered on four characters portrayed by Allari Naresh, Sharwanand, Shriya and Brahmanandam. Ali and Kovai Sarala form the side kicks in this journey.

Allari Naresh does well as usual and he along with Sharwanand and the lifeline of the film. They share a very good chemistry and it shows on screen too. Although on screen they try to out do each other to win the girl but thankfully it’s restricted to the story and they don’t try to out act each other and this helps the proceedings a lot.

Shriya looks glamorous and performs well.

Brahmanandam has a twin part in the film with half of the screen time utilized for spoofing popular songs. He is alright in those but the sheer outrageous image of him in those visuals is sure to give a chuckle or two. Apart from those spoofs he is fine as Aaku Bhai where some of the scenes are really hilarious.

Ali and Kovai Sarala do their usual.


Lead pair chemistry

Some hilarious sequences

Not a long film




The film is predictable but it’s short and filled with gags. It doesn’t slacken anywhere and goes on at fast pace. This is what saves the film from the imminent boredom sometimes. On the whole the first half of the film is good but by the time film reaches its climax in the second half it’s stretched and looses steam.

Direction by Narayana is good. He maintained a steady pace throughout the film. However he remains faithful to the original version (Masthana Deewana) of the film and doesn’t add anything new here.

Cinematography is alright. Editing could have been better at few places. Music by newcomer Bheems is good.

Bottom-line: It’s a one-time watch only if one is completely free and has time to waste.

Rating – 3/5

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