Sudigaadu Movie Review


Sudigaadu has no real story. It is a spoof on blockbuster Telugu films and story keeps changing from time to time with all the focus being on the gags.

Sudigaadu is Allari Naresh’s movie all the way. He is visible from the first frame till the last. He performs as usual with ease and terrific comedy timing. Although this is a spoof movie in an ‘official’ sense the actor has done this very many times before in a lot of films. It’s nothing new to him.

Apart from Allari Naresh the film has almost all the comic artists from the film industry. Here too they all play what they have been already playing from a long time, only the genre of the film i.e. it being a spoof has changed. But each of them actually have a pretty small part and hence fail to make any real impact.

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Heroine Monal Gujjar is used for songs and has very little to perform even in the comic sense. But she gets two scenes which are timed well and make her noticeable.

Some hilarious gags
Relentless pace
Posani Krishna Murali in Omkar’s Challenge spoof sequence

The climax of the film
After a point things start to get repetitive
Songs are unnecessary
Voice over by the director

Despite the excessive length the first half of the film is very entertaining, the gags keep coming non stop and most of them are funny courtesy our familiarity with them. But even in the entertaining first half some spoofing sequences looks forced and kept just to fill the screen time.

This problem is more apparent in the second half as more and more filmy clichés are taken up by the director to spoof but there is not enough breathing space for them, the director crams them all up. Result is everything appears flat and the fun element goes missing to a major extent in this half.

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The climax however is a big let down. After so much build up the revelation in the climax doesn’t meet the anticipation. Add to that the film doesn’t end there and just keeps on going and this hurts the film big time. Even for a spoof film the film has to have a method amidst all the madness. There must be clarity, here the director looses all the focus due to over enthusiasm to show more and more funny bits.

Direction by Bheemineni Srinivas is the main culprit here. He doesn’t give the film a breathing space to let it flourish. Everything looks bits and pieces and incoherent. It is like jumping from one gag to another rather than one smoothly flowing into the other.

Cinematography is alright. Songs are not good and only increase the film’s running time despite the songs too being used as spoofing tools.

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Editing is jerky and plays a major spoilsport for this film.

Bottom-line: for the first half and sporadic moments of hilarity in second half the film is at best a one time watch.
Rating: 3/5

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