Ajith's Billa 2 Movie Review


Billa 2 is Director Chakri Toleti’s second venture. Ajith Kumar plays the title character and other actor includes Paravathu Omanakuttan, Bruna Abdullah, Vidyut Jamwal , Sudhanshu Pandey and others.

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Film starts up with David Billa being caught by some goons and he kills them and then title cards and childhood story of billa is run at same time. Billa comes as a refugee to another place and doesn’t like the behaviour of the supervisor and other officers who run the camp; he kills them and joins with drug dealer (Abbasi played by Sudhanshu Pandey) in Goa. In some incidents he proves his capacity of handling difficult things which impresses Arms Dealer (Dimtri played by Vidyut Jamwal). After few uninteresting and common incidents Billa kills Abbasi and conquers his place and later challenges Dimtri who rejects billa’s deal.


Ajith plays the character of David Billa which he plays very well and carries the whole film on his shoulders. It seems like Ajith is enjoying being a DON on screen and it suits him. In one word he is FANTABLOUS on screen. Vidyut Jamwal who played the character of Dimtri is wasted and doesn’t have much scope to perform; his introduction is shown as cruel don which is not carried till the end of movie. Abbasi played by Sudhanshu pandey has done just to his role. Actress Parvathy Omanukuttam and Bruna Abdullah are good.


It looks quite surprising that there is no romantic song / scene between main leads in the film which is very rare in Indian cinemas. Yuvan Shankar Raja did a superb job in music department.


Story, Screen play and Direction:

Revealing the past of the Don should be done with utmost care which is a big minus for this film. There is no pain for Billa apart of losing his family members. When the relation between them is not established properly by the director it fails to create impact. Screenplay is a big minus; the film moves like a snail and director who had failed earlier in adapting an excellent story (A Wednesday) to reach Tamil/Telugu audience (Unnaipoi Oruvan, Eenadu) has failed yet again with this film. He should learn that a Red or Red Epic cameras cannot do wonders. He might have concentrated more on character establishment and screenplay.




Back ground Score


Cinematography by R.D. Rajasekhar



Story and Screenplay

Direction Inspiration:

This film is an imitation of Al Pacino’s Scarface. Couple of scenes lifted from Body Of Lies and God Father-1

Bottom Line: Watch it For Thala Ajith.

Rating: 2.5/5


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