Eka Veera Movie Review


Eka Veera Movie Review

The movie tells the collative tale of few villages and their traditions during the 18th century India. The film focuses on three such villages they are Veerapalem, Chinna Veerapalem and Maturu. Veerapalem is a village inhibited by thieves and Chinna Veerapalem is a village of security guards. Chinna Veerapalem has volatile neighbors in the form of Maturu village.
During the course of the film a guy from Maturu is found dead in Chinna Veerapalem and this once again leads to riots between the two villages. To pacify the Maturu village guys the King decided that a person from Chinna Veerapalem of the same age as that of dead person should sacrifice his life. What happens after this judgment, who is the real person behind this murder, is what the rest of the film about.

The film rests on the performances alone. Every one of the actors lives their characters and makes us believe them. Leading from the front though is Pasupathy, who just completely immerses him into the character and lives it. As Sambadu he gives one of his best performances.

Adhi Pinisetty is the next in line and he gives a very good performance too. Especially physically he behaves like one from that era. He is good in emotional scenes and carries all the physical stunts well.

Dhansika has very little to do apart from being part of song sequences. Whatever she gets she does well. It’s the same with Archaeka-veera-aravaan-movie-reviews-ratings-collections-pics-images-photosna Kavi.

The rest of the artists all look and do their part well.

Technical crew

Textbook narration
Lack of nativity
Emotional disconnect

In spite of the lack of nativity the first half of the film is fairly engaging, in that, many things keeps unraveling at a decent pace and there are some exciting moments too. Even there is some entertainment as well.

Second half of the film is a drag although once again interesting in the same as the first i.e. in providing insight into traditions. But the entertainment factors are completely missing and add to those songs which hamper the pace even more.

Even in the climax the director Vasanthabalan is still trying to incorporate few more traditions that leave the audience completely disinterested.

Cinematography, art direction, settings and costumes are all well done. Music and background score by Karthik too is good. In fact technically the film is very good except for some poor VFX used.

Bottom line- It’s as bad as a boring history class
Rating – 1.75/5

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