Aadi's Lovely Movie Review




Mangalampalli Maharathi (Dr. Rajendra Prasad) adores his daughter Lavanya aka Lovely (Shanvi). He wants to give the best to her and also at the same time wants to be with her. He provides all the happiness in the world to her and even has a dairy with the predictions written for her future.

Between such father and daughter enters Aakash (Aadi). He loves Lavanya aka Lovely as much as her father. But as fate would have it Aakash has not so good first meet with Lovely’s father. Later Mangalampalli Maharathi (Dr. Rajendra Prasad) starts following Aakash and hatches a plan to separate him with her daughter. Does the plan work out and what happens to the love of Aakash and Lovely is what the film is all about.


Aadi is a livewire from the beginning till the end. He performs well although there is not much there to do emotionally. Comic timing, dialogue delivery and screen presence are good. Dances are fine too.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad gets a nice role which has a major presence in the second half of the film. He performs well but it’s something that’s a cake walk for him.

Shanvi looks good and acts decently. Have no big emotional scenes, in the film to do but for the bubbly and dreamy eyed girl character she fits well.

Vennela Kisore (Kittu) and Chinmayee Ghatrazu (Lally) as friends of hero and heroine respective provide some good laughs. Especially Vennela Kishore’s spoofing of films like Teenmaar, Dookudu and Oosaravelli is really good.

Ahuti Prasad and Paruchuri Gopalakrishna do their routine act in small parts.


Dialogues (By Shyam Manohar)


Comedy in first half



The final act is too simplistic and doesn’t get the right emotional impact


The film has clearly defined characters and it’s based on this characters and their dialogues and situations that the film progresses. The story takes a back seat for these characters. First half of the film literally runs on the funny scenes between hero and heroine and their friends and the story is virtually non existence. It’s only towards the interval that the story once again picks up.

The second half continues to focus on this central conflict but it once again side tracks for a while to provide the comedy and once it returns to the main plot the film is already reaching its climax. This feels a bit abrupt and even the climax resolution between the lead characters are a bit too simplistic to create the right emotional impact as we have mentioned in the negatives already. But in spite of these misgiving the film moves pretty fast and there is always a comic overtone to keep the viewer smiling.

Direction by B Jaya is fine. She gets her characters right and focuses more on the characters than the main story and it’s the films biggest fault. Editing by her is poor, especially towards the climax.

Cinematography by S Arun Kumar is very good and gives the film a rich look.

Music and back ground score by Anup Rubens is superb. The songs timing could have been better though especially the two songs in second half.

Another major asset of the film is dialogues by Shyam Manohar. They are funny and have fresh vibe to them.

Bottom line: Watch it for Aadi and some fresh dialogues by Shyam Manohar

Rating – 3/5

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