Em Pillo Em Pillado Music review


Eetaram banner has brought us very many revolutionary movies and songs with great emotion. In this last decade however they have stuck to making simple enjoyable commercial movies with good music roping in Manisharma. So the expectation is the same with em pillo em pillado a simple enjoyable album that wouldn’t bore us as long as the movie plays.

The album starts off with the title song “em pillo em pillado” sung by Hemachnadra and Malavika. This is a very routine mass number typical of many Manisharma albums in the past. One might enjoy the song in the movie if its choreographed well and hence its popularity solely depends on it.

Andam geesina bommala is a very soothing melody one which is typically expected of Manisharma. Effortlessly sung by deepu, the song just costs along like a cool breeze. While the beats in the background do remind us of gala gala parutunna from pokiri the similarity ends there. The song starts off smoothly with nice piano playing with an electronically modified sound and female chorus. A very addictive track with nice lyrics and lot of repeat value.

Telisinde ee kshanam the next song sung by ranjith is a song describing the pain of being alone when one discovers love. Starts off as a soft rock song but later is taken over by beautiful orchestral arrangements and flute . The arrangements in the interludes however is reminiscent of Mani’s own Baanam which is not a bad thing at all, as it lifts the song from remaining just a superficial attempt without any soul to song with soul.

Remember “I hate u’ song from Allu Arjuns happy, pove pove suppanathi can be called its continuation lyrically. A foot tapping number all the way, Its catchy from its first listening itself with a very addictive groovy beat/hook which repeats through out. Venu and Malavika sing with lot of zing giving the song right energy vocally and not overdoing it. Good timepass number.

Ammaye abbaye sung by jassie gift gives a déjà vu feeling as it reminds us of title song of ek niranjan. Although jassy gift doesn’t sing in his usual tone the number still fails to raise above average level and make it a memorable one.

So when we finish listening the album we end up completely falling in love with two melody songs and that’s more than what was bargained for initially hence no complains at all from the album. Although one wishes such melodies aren’t wasted in an inconsequential movie from musical perspective as they deserve better. But, taking into consideration the banner we do have a little hope, a very little hope though.

Rating –3.25/5

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