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Pawan Kalyan Janasena Article By Dr. P Pulla Rao. 


The Janasena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan after a brief rest for his operated left eye is back to his regular work. After monitoring the new joinings into the party from the East Godavari district, this dynamic leader has recommended a special article on Janasena for his each and every Sainika.

Pawan Kalyan Janasena
Pawan Kalyan Janasena

Very rarely Pawan Kalyan offers pieces of advice and recommends books or articles to read. His followers never miss an opportunity to know what their Supreme shares via Twitter. Today he posted an article written by a senior most Political journalist from New Delhi. Janasenani thanked the author Dr. P Pulla Rao who wrote a detailed article comparing Janasena with Kejriwal’s AAP. Not just that, Pawan himself asked every Janasainika to go throw this article to understand the main theme of Janasena is bringing out the Political accountability.

Analyst Dr. P Pulla Rao tried his best to explain the current situation of Janasena Party in the AP Political scenario. He then compared the parties AAM and JSP and listed down the things JSP should follow from AAP and Kejriwal. According to the author, both these parties and their heads have many things in common. He declared that JSP looks like AAM in 2013 and he wished JSP to bring much needed Political change just like AAM brought in Delhi wiping out biggies like BJP and AICC. The author advised Pawan to follow Arvind Kejriwal in keeping the party doors open to reach out for the common people and not to include family members into the party so that they would dilute the main mission of the party. Finally, Pulla Rao hoped that Janasena would end up victorious in the upcoming elections despite all odds and wipe the corrupt parties to bring the much needed Political accountability.

Meanwhile, the Janasena party media wing is readying the song Janam like Janasena to release it tomorrow on the social media sites like Youtube. Anup Rubens composed this song while Ananth Sriram penned down the lyrics marking the occasion of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday on 2nd September.

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