Zanjeer Theatrical Release Issues Cleared


Zanjeer has been entangled in controversies from the beginning, first the writers complained for their royalties and then the brothers of producer Amit Mehra put a case in Court against the stalling of the release unless their dues are cleared.

The three brothers inherited the rights to the remake the film Zanjeer together which was produced and directed by their father late Prakash Mehra. Amit Mehra had bought the remake rights from his brothers to produce the film but failed to settle the accounts in time which made the brothers, who are not interested in producing the film, go to court for their due money. The Bombay High Court has now given the clearance for the release of the film as soon as the dues are cleared and there should be no further problem in future for the film.

Mega Power Star Ram Charan makes his Bollywood debut with Zanjeer. Priyanka Chopra acts as heroine in the film which is directed by Apoorva Lakhia. Amit Mehra is producing the film in association with Reliance Entertainment.

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