This Adult Comedy Flick Garnered 10 Million Views In No Time


7 Chepala Katha Teaser Hits 10 Million Views On YT:

Along with the rise of different cinema, Tollywood is witnessing the growing buzz for the adult comedy flicks in recent times. The stupendous success of an adult comedy flick Yedu Chepala Katha’s trailer explains everything.

7 Chepala Katha
7 Chepala Katha

Old directors like Vamsi and others tried this genre with the flicks like Ladies Tailor but they never crossed the limit of vulgarity. In the recent times, NRI director Praveen Sattaru raised the bar with Guntur Talkies. Be it the inspiration from this flick’s success or Hollywood’s craze, the makers of Yedu Chepala Katha is coming up with the utmost adult content to this kind of movie lovers.


This project has no star hero, not a leading actress but the bold scenes made this trailer to fetch as many as ten million views within two days on Youtube. This shows how some section of moviegoers is desperate for the adult content flicks. With the concept of Tempting, the makers of this flick succeeded to gain the attention of the audience with a tinge of comedy along with the adult content. One has to wait for the release of this flick to see if this flick as any content or simply relying on the soft porn kind of thing.


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