Yatra Nowhere Near Kathanayakudu In Buzz


The two biopics of two Telugu legends NTR and YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s Yatra are drawn comparisons by the fans and movie analysts. Between the two, NTR biopic is leading the buzz than Yatra for many reasons.



From casting to the first look posters, the Kathanayakudu is wooing not only just the Nandamuri fans but also the regular moviegoers in the two Telugu States. With amazing Star cast and rich productional values, the director Krish is doing his best for this flick to make it a memorable project for the Nandamuri.

On the flip side, the YSR’s Yatra is mainly shouldered by the Malayalam Megastar Mammootty. Except him, there is nothing best in this flick to declare as a highlight. To be on par to the NTR flick, the makers of this flick are giving work to their brains to zero in the best-suited actor for the role of YS Jagan. One has to wait and see if Yatra can pull the audience to the theatres.


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