Vijay Devarakonda Sets A New Record In Terms Of Remuneration


Vijay Deverakonda Remuneration Sets A New Record In Tollywood


News Modified Date: 15-12-2020

Vijay Devarakonda is without any doubt one of the fastest rising star in Telugu cinema, currently. The actor initially got peanuts relative to the blockbuster success of his films. He is now making up for it.

We have previously informed how Vijay Devarakonda upped his remuneration from lakhs to crores within a span of few films. Back then the talk was that he would be soon getting into the 10 Cr bracket. Well, it is now confirmed.

Vijay Devarakonda is getting paid more than 10 Cr for his upcoming projects. The immediate one is Fighter under the direction of Puri Jagannadh. The pan-India film will see Vijay Devarakonda get the highest remuneration in his career, so far. The same will continue for the upcoming flick with Sukumar, as well.

The shooting of Fighter is currently on hold due to issues related to permission. It will resume once they are resolved in January 2021. Vijay Devarakonda pairs up with Ananya Pandey in the movie.

If the ongoing speculations are anything to go by, then the latest sensation Vijay Devarakonda has set a new record in the entire history of Telugu Cinema. Details about his shocking remuneration would leave us bamboozled.

Vijay Deverakonda Remuneration
Vijay Deverakonda Remuneration

Vijay Devarakonda now has a movie in 100 crores gross club for which aspiring heroes like Nani, Nithin and others didn’t even come close. Following the proverb of “Make hay while the Sun shines”, Devarakonda is perfectly utilising his craze to earn money before he gets faded out. Vijay in many interviews disclosed that he was received 5 lakhs for Pelli Choopulu. For Arjun Reddy, he got paid a half crore after the profits by the makers. Even for the Geetha Govindam, he was paid close to a total of 70 lakhs. Looking at the success of Arjun Reddy, he is reportedly charging 3 crores for his ongoing projects NOTA and Comrade. Looking at the equations, he demanded 3 crores after Arjun Reddy crosses 30 crores gross. So what will he charge after the Geetha Govindam’s thumping collections? Yes, it is very obvious that he is now going to charge 10 crores for his future projects looking at his present market.


If at all he demands 10 crores, he has all the rights to ask such amount when his movies are making tons of crores. Then Vijay Devarakonda becomes the first hero in the entire TFI history to take 10 crores of remuneration in very less time period. Only time would answer if he creates a new record or not when he signs his future flicks. For now, the audience is waiting for the release of VD’s upcoming flick, Taxiwala.


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