Exciting, But Did U Turn Reveal Everything?


UTurn Trailer Review And Release Date.

The theatrical trailer of Samantha’s (UTurn Trailer Launch Event Photos) new film U Turn was released with a big buzz recently. The response has been fantastic. There are some rurmurs concerning the actress’s dubbing, but seems less of an when compared to what a section who have watched the Kannada original have to say.

UTurn Trailer Review
UTurn Trailer Review

The overall consensus among the people who have seen the original Kannada version is that the theatrical trailer of U Turn has revealed too much. There is a big spoiler that is right in your face. Not only would those who have seen Kannada version, but even the newer viewers easily guess the twist while watching the movie if they have seen the trailer is what is being said. Well, let’s hope there is some tweaking there somewhere.

U Turn is a Telugu and Tamil bilingual starring Samantha in lead role. Aadi Pinisetty, Rahul Ravindran, Bhoomika, Aadukalam Naresh play other essential characters. Pawan Kumar directs the movie slated to release on September 13th.

UTurn Theatrical Trailer Is Here.

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