Uttama Villain A Self Satire On Kamal Haasan



Ever since the film Uttama Villain was announced there has been lot of curiosity on it and when it was known that it will be made in filmy background, the curiosity rose even higher. Many thoughts began to emerge on the lines that the film would be expose of the film industry and its dark secrets. Well now that the film has reached its end, we have an exclusive scoop on it.

Yes, the film is a satirical look on the way the industry works and there would be lots of expose. But that kind of straight forward film wouldn’t make a Kamal Haasan film, would it? So we have a ‘Meta Angle’ attached to it. Uttama Villain is film that is almost biographical of star himself, says sour sources. It is through his character, based on actual him, that we have a look at the film industry. Just this simple angle has made the film all more exciting for us and we guess it’s the same for fans too. Uttama Villain is set to hit the screens in the final quarter of the year.


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