Kamal Haasan Follows Pawan Kalyan's Trend


Universal Hero Kamal Haasan is following the foot steps of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Well rest assured nothing to do with ‘acting’ here, it’s about the audio release of the film. Fans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan would surely remember the audio launch of Gabbar Singh earlier in the year. For the first time ever Power Star flew to three different places of the state to meet the fans on the day of the audio launch.

Now Universal Hero Kamal Haasan too is going to follow the same method to release the audio of his upcoming biggie Vishwaroopam. The star-actor would fly to three different places in Tamil Nadu (Madurai, Coinbatore and Chennai) and interact with fans on November 7 when the audio of the film would be launched. Incidentally November 7 also happens to be the birthday of the legendary actor, so double delight in store for the fans.

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On a second thought we realize it could be the dear daughter Shruti Haasan who could have slipped in this unique promotional idea to dearest dad as she was the heroine of the film Gabbar Singh. What do you say?

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