Trailer of Salman Khan Production’s Hero – Poor


First trailer of new Salman Khan production Hero is out. It introduces son of Adithya Pancholi (Villain in Venkatesh’s Shadow) as hero and daughter of Sunil Shetty as heroine. Both Sooraj and Ahathiya as one would expect have been given the maximum prominence in the trailer. There looks doesn’t garner the attention immediately but the bigger problem is the tone of the film.

It is evident that a masala film in full glory is being tried here but the output isn’t that neat. Director Nikhil Advani’s rom-com sensibilities seem to be dominating his ability to make a masala. The way the dialogues are delivered and overall presentation looks tacky.

To those unaware this is a remake of a film of same name released way back in 80’s. That original was later remade into Telugu as Vikram which was launch pad vehicle for Akkineni Nagarjuna.

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