Content Wins Over Confused Dramas And Hot Romance


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These days the makers are going to any extent to pull the audience to the theatres. With such trails, some of those flicks are biting the dust due to bad scripts. A look at two recent flicks explains everything.

Tollywood Movies
Tollywood Movies

Top directors like Sukumar too changed his path knowing viewers’ pulse and went for a village drama like Rangastham keeping a full stop to his mind-bending logic. In such stage, Srinu Vaitla who faded out with a couple of flops came up with an illogical script with Amar Akbar Anthony only to add another flop to his career. On the other side, makers who believe youth would make a romantic flick with vulgar content a huge success too ended in vain as the recently released 24 kisses bombed miserably. Despite hot kisses and intense romance, the flick lacked strong story and screenplay to engage the audience.


For those who blame flicks like Arjun Reddy and RX 100, they have to know that these flicks despite gained attention to its raw content, these movies have a strong script, story, and characterizations and they saw profits for the makers’ conviction. At the end of the day, it is the script which matters more than entertainment, logics and bold content for any movie to see success light at the end of the tunnel.


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