Young Comedians And Their First Break In Recent Times


Telugu Movie Comedians And Their First Break:

For any actors, it takes one flick or one character to get the much-needed fame in their movie careers. Especially for the comedians, all it needs is the right character with perfect timing to build a base in the acting field. Let us see the top five leading comedians of the present day and their breaks.

1. Priyadarshi-Pelli Choopulu:


This talented actor who was seen struggling with many short films got his first break with PC. Thanks to the director, Priyadarshi gave a stellar performance as a comedian and became one of the highlights of this flick.

2. Hollywood-Taxiwala:

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Vishnu who has portrayed the role of Hollywood in Taxiwala has been the show stealer. His impeccable comedy in the role of Hollywood uttering the words ‘The night of the hunter’ has fetched a great applause. After Priyadarshi in Pelli Choopulu, it is Vishnu who got such kind of reception from the audience after the release.

3. Tagubothu Ramesh-Ala Modalayindi:


This Nani starrer’s climax exploded like a ten thousand wala after the entrance of Tagubothu Ramesh’s character into the pre-climax scene. He convinced the audience that no one can get better in drunken roles than him.

4. Rahul Ramakrishnan-Arjun Reddy:


Rahul Ramakrishnan just like Priyadarshi is one of the talented actor’s cum makers on Youtube. However, he got his first break with Arjun Reddy. He is the only humor generator in the entire flick which otherwise appeared serious emotional drama.

5. Saptagiri-Prema Katha Chitram:

Telugu Movie Comedians
Telugu Movie Comedians

Even though he appeared in a couple of flicks, Saptagiri made news with his hilarious role in Prema Katha Chitram. His dialogue delivery and overaction with the ghost appeared top notch and made this flick a smashing hit.


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