Big Dreams Of B-Town Drenched The Career Of This Beauty?


This Mumbai based actress who has struck the right chords of the youth with Sekhar Kammula’s film has become an overnight sensation with the blockbuster hit of the film 11 years back.


This actress has become the heartthrob of the youth with her charming looks and skin tone and later she has drawn the attention of the masses with her impeccable performance and dances. This young actress has ruled the Tollywood for more than five years and she has been very successful in grabbing the chances with top heroes of Tollywood.


This actress has suddenly shifted her focus to Bollywood despite having a great image and stardom in Tollywood. Her big dreams to impress the B-Town audience has finally made her lose some good chances in Tollywood and has given a way to young actresses who are struggling to make it big. This has become the initial downfall of the crazy actress who later failed to garner the same image which she used to have. On the other side, she has no chances in Bollywood as well.


Though she managed to grab some good films, it hasn’t worked out the way she expected. Her love affair with a Kollywood hero has also become a sensation at that time but she has lost the past glory in both Telugu and Tamil languages. Right now she is acting beside a struggling hero which is all set for the release very soon and she also has a couple of good films in her hand but the competition from other actresses are too high to grab the top spot which she enjoyed earlier.


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