Tamanna Sharply Escaped But Kajal Suffered The Media’s Protest


Tamanna & Kajal Media Protest News.

Movie stars and Media always go hand in hand always helping each other. But sometimes, the actors and actresses intentionally or otherwise face the wrath of the Media for many reasons. Two gorgeous actresses the other day faced bitter experience from the Media.


It is quite common for actors to be on time for their interviews and Press releases such that the Media will be present before their arrival. But sometimes, the delay in actors arrivals irks media resulting in boycotting of the journos. The other day Tamanna who gave appointment for Media at 12 PM arrived at 3:30 citing she got struck in urgent work. Media which is already in frustration started to stage a protest but her PROs cooled the Journalists and completed the interview.


When it comes to Kajal, she called the Press to give interviews regarding her upcoming release at 10 AM. As she arrived two hours late, Media people with unity staged the protest and boycotted the interviews. Saddened Kajal who tasted this unwanted experience from Media said to left the place with rather a guilt.


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