Surprising Support From Industry For Pawan Kalyan



Ever since the news broke out about Pawan Kalyan’s Political entry, there has been lot of enthusiasm about who is going to support him in and out of Film Industry. Pawan has enormous craze of his own for his honesty among the fans but industry people opined to stay away from politics. Writer,Director Trivikram Srinivas who is also a close friend of Pawan is the only one from the industry who is working with him from the beginning.Even his family has decided to stay away by the time Pawan is about to launch his party ‘Jana Sena’, surprisingly several noted personalities from industry are coming in support of Pawan Kalyan.

Weather he may be serious or not, the one who started talking about Pawan’s political entry is Ram Gopla Varma. He even made a statement in twitter that Telugu people are wise enough to elect a leader like Pawan Kalyan. Hero Nithin who is well known as hardcore fan for Pawan Kalyan supported his hero and wished ‘Jana Sena’ all the success. Popular actors like Brahmaji, Suresh raised their voice in favour of Pawan stating Pawan always speaks his mind and his intentions are selfless. Hero Nikhil and Vennela Kishore who are ardent followers of Pawan Kalyan made themselves clear that they are with him and they will be. Kona Venkat, Shivaji, Posani Krishna Murali are others who extended their support by expressing their belief in Pawan Kalyan.


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