Trivikram Chopped Off My Extra Scenes: Claims Sunil


Sunil Comedy Scenes In Aravindha Sametha Were Trimmed By Trivikram?

The comedian turned hero gave a grand re-entry as a character artist in his best pal Trivikram’s Aravinda Sametha. Despite having no comedy scenes, Sunil claims to be content with his role.

Sunil Comedy Scenes
Sunil Comedy Scenes

In the success meet, hero Sunil declared that he is more than delighted to be a part of such an honest attempt. He heaped praises on his best friend Trivikram for making a best flick in faction genre. He backed Trivikram’s idea of limiting Sunil to the character by explaining that he was present in all the important scenes of the movie. He further stated that Trivikram made sure that his character didn’t get diluted with unwanted comedy and for this reason, the director cut those extra scenes of Sunil which were shot exclusively for the sake of fun generation.


Sunil finally thanked the media and audience for making this flick a hit. He pledged to continue doing character roles in movies along with hero roles in the future. Hardcore fans of Sunil are happy to see him back as a character artist whereas over-enthusiastic fans who expected Sunil mark comedy are quite disappointed with his role in Aravinda Sametha.


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