SS Rajamouli ‘s Extra Care To Avoid Leak From Film Sets


S.S Rajamouli is one of the very few directors in the film industry who takes utmost care of even a minute thing when it comes to his films.


This director takes every care and makes sure he discloses anything only in the appropriate time. Even Rajamouli has been fallen prey for the leakage of the film and that too for a film like Baahubali for which the producers have spent some 100 plus crores. Due to his presence of mind and by taking quick actions the unit has abled to control the damage at that time.


The piracy is throwing a big challenge to all the film industries in the nation today. It has grown to an extent that they are even threatening some films that the piracy print will be available online on the first show itself. It has become a big demon which is killing the hard work of thousands of people on and off the sets.


To put a check to such kind of piracy and leaks from the sets Rajamouli has come up with a different plan for his RRR. He is going to implement mobile Jammers on the premises of the RRR shooting and the sets. It is also heard that Rajamouli has passed strict instructions to everyone not to use mobile on the premises of the shoot and asked them to take leave completely if there is any such need or emergency.


This really seems to be like a good plan as RRR is the most anticipated flick of the nation. Two superstars are going to play the lead roles and the film is going to be made with a budget of 300 crores.


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