Its Official: Shankar’s 2.0 Is The Costliest Flick In India


Robo 2.0 Is The Costliest Movie In India.

Day by day, the makers of 2.0 are bringing in the lost buzz about the movie with their interesting updates. After creating hype with the posters of the antagonist, the producers of 2.0 have announced the final budget of this nation’s most awaited sequel.

Robo 2.0
Robo 2.0

Even before the commencement of this flick, the director Shankar hinted that this sequel would take more than 2 years to complete and it would cost 350+ crores. Increase in the production cost and competition to Baahubali-2 made this movie to cross 450 crores already. The delay in the production and increased Special Effects contributed more amounts to this project. None other than the production house Lyca declared that they spent as much as 75 million dollars for this flick which means 525 crores of Indian rupees. With this, the flick entered the record books by becoming the costliest flick in the Indian History and pushed the Baahubali-2 to the second place.


Directed by Shankar, this movie is gearing up for its worldwide release on Diwali in 2D and 3D formats. Meanwhile, the entire Indian film industry set their eyes on 13th of this month to witness the grand teaser of this magnum opus.


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