Save This Little Girl


A 8 year old poor girl Pratibha is in serious health condition and doctors have suggested that she should undergo liver transplantation to survive. They have quoted Rs 22 lacs which the poor family cannot afford. We are hearing that the family is waiting for money to pool in to get the operation started asap as the girl’s health is deteriorating by day. Let us get together to help this baby. The target is to collect as much money as we can in both US and India and help the little one survive.

Just to give more detail about the situation, the medical expenses + minimum payment to be made for the operation to begin is around 20 Lacs Rupees. The kid’s father is a pujari in the temple and barely has anything to help his daughter. The local telugu newspaper publications could help them accumulate 2 Lacs thus far but they still in huge deficit.

I request everyone to show some concern towards this and let all your friends know about the seriousness and delicacy of the issue.

Please find the details of a baby Prathiba who is in need of Liver transplant.

Her father is Pujari @ Venugopalaswamy Temple in Matedu Village (Thoruru Mandal, Warangal District)

This is the first of case in India, She is suggering from Lafora disease( and has Glycozen Storage Liver Disease.

The family of Prathiba, are working with Kancharla Ramesh, a specialist from Global Hospital and the surgery needs an amount of Rs.22 Lakhs.

Mobile number of Murali Mohana Charyulu (Father of Prathiba ) — 9705705885
Bank Details of the Baby’s Father :

A/C NO. 10442579192,

If you need US Bank details, please send email to [email protected] . He will provide you BOA details for dollar transfer. All this money will be sent to the concerned’s account.

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