Salman Khan Brushes Off His Dig On Rahman As Joke


All seems to be not well between Salman Khan and music director AR Rahman. At the music launch of AR Rahman’s new album ‘Raunaq’ the Superstar of Bollywood took a dig at Rahman that wasn’t taken so kindly by the music director. First of all the star arrived late for the audio launch making everyone wait, and as soon as he entered he started making satirical digs on AR Rahman and few other guests.

Salman Khan asked why doesn’t Rahman work with him to which later Rahman replied in his own satirical way that he would work Salman Khan only when he makes movies of his liking. A day later sensing all the negativity Salman Khan said everything was a joke that even was taken in the right spirit by Rahman himself. Well this has been a trend off late by Salman Khan, he takes potshots and digs on anyone he likes terming it as joke. Well it’s good to see someone give him a taste of his own medicine.

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