An Incredible Achievement By RX-100


RX100 Movie 50 Days Completed. An Incredible Achievement By The Team.


The small budget flick which went on to become a blockbuster, RX-100’s team has a big reason to smile and celebrate. In these days where running for four weeks is said to be a decent thing, RX-100 has completed 50 days in more than 25+ centres across the two Telugu States.

RX100 Movie 50 Days
RX100 Movie 50 Days

The director Ajay Bhupathi plays the main role in this movie’s success where he showcased his multiple skills by penning the story, dialogues, screenplay, and direction. From getting the title of RX-100 to the release, this aspiring young filmmaker promoted the movie with intriguing posters and promos. For his directorial skills, the lead pair Karthikeya and Payal Rajput went into the skin of the main characters created by Ajay. Also, the nerve wrecking music and background by Chaitanya Bharadwaj and amazing camera work by Raam Reddy ended up as an added assets to this movie. Ajay showcased his guru RGV’s narration skills and style, especially in the action episodes and romance. The tight gripping screenplay has mesmerized the audience with its engaging content.


Released exactly 50 days from today, the movie was declared a super hit on the very first day. At the end of its first weekend, the producers who sold this movie for 2.5 crores bagged double profits. Today the movie successfully completed its milestone 50th day in as many as 26 centres and the total worldwide shares crossed more than 20 crores for now.  After the Summer biggie Rangasthalam, no other movie except Rx-100 achieved this feat in the recent times.


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