Piglet To Compete With Dusehra Biggies


Ravi Babu Adhugo Release Date Locked. Read Full To Know When?

Would you believe it, a piglet is going to compete with the biggies this Dussehra season? Well, that is true going by the plans of director Ravibabu and producer Suresh Babu who presents the film.

Ravi Babu Adhugo Release Date Locked
Ravi Babu Adhugo Release Date Locked

The director’s new film Adhugo starring a piglet in lead animated role is planned to have a festival release. The movie has been in the making for a long time due to the special effects involved. The animation of the piglet is supposed to have come out most realistically. For the first time, live-action 3D animation has been used extensively says the director. We have to wait for a trailer to get a glimpse how good the visuals effects are, really.

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