Know About Raju RaviTej – The Man Behind 'Janasena'



Raju Ravitej, the main think tank along with Pawan behind the idea of ‘Janasena’ has been the topic ever since Pawan Kalyan mentioned about this friend. Raju Ravitej who actually belongs to Karimnagar district started as a waiter at the very young age and went on becoming as a popular Motivational speaker who works in the field of cross-cultural awareness and competence.

In the year 1994 he started Eurisko consultancy firm whose clientele involves big corporate company names like Nokia, Satyam, Elsevier and many. He is known for his workshops in areas like leadership development, social consciousness. He writes philosophy and he wrote several books for young people. In 2002 he started a non-profit trust called Inspire India and gives lectures at schools for social causes without any fee.

Since his interaction with Pawan in 2009 both are involved in several discussions related to philosophy,Cultural differences, Politics. It is Raju Ravitej who encouraged Pawan Kalyan to enter into political foray. This identical thought process brought them together and the book which will describe ideology of Jana Sena has been developed out of their discussions.


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