Puri’s Shocking Revelation To Pawan Kalyan


Well, director Puri Jagannadh is one person who always has something interesting information to share whenever he opens up. Here is one such information shared by the director recently. Apparently the director had not seen any films of prior to the release of Badri. According to director his directorial debut was the first film of Pawan Kalyan that he saw.

The director says that one day when the unit were discussing scenes from the movies released of Pawan Kalyan so far, he was clueless. When asked, Puri mentioned that he hasn’t seen any film of Pawan Kalyan so far. A surprised Pawan then asked him, if that is true then why has he narrated the film to him, to which Puri replied that Pawan had great market among the upcoming heroes then and also encouraged new directors, so he was taking his chances with him and got lucky.

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