Poonam Kaur Hit The Headlines Yet Again With #PKLove


Former Miss Andhra Poonam Kaur is busy working for the small screen’s Baahubali, Swarna Khadgam serial. She made news with the most trending yet controversial hashtag #PKLove.

Poonam Kaur
Poonam Kaur

For some strange reason, Poonam Kaur’s tweets always make controversies. No one knows when her tweets are directed towards her favourite Power star Pawan Kalyan and otherwise. In her recent tweets made on the eve of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday, i.e. 2nd of September, she stated that her most favourite Krishna’s birthday is very special to her. On this occasion, Poonam asked her followers to wait for a work of her which will be released at a right time. The fact that making this tweet on Pawan’s birthday and emphasising the word Krishna declares that she is mentioning Pawan Kalyan under Krishna’s name. Finally, on September 3rd, which is the Janmashtami, she stated that due to some controversy makers, doesn’t matter how much she works hard, all the efforts are drained to vain so she refrained herself not to post her work.


However, the miracle just happened and within no time, Poonam Kaur released the video of her dressed ethnically reminding Radha, a milkmaid who loved and married Lord Krishna. For her every tweet, she attached the hashtag #PKLove. With this, the netizens connected to her inner feelings even though she didn’t mention that Krishna’s name. For the matter of fact, Power Star Pawan Kalyan donned the role of Krishna in Gopala Gopala and nailed the character like anything. Belated Happy birthday Powerstar and Lord Krishna, you both made the day of Poonam Kaur and her followers.

Here’s the video link of puunam’s insta post: 


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