Formulaic Fare Taunts For Sampath Nandi


Paper Boy Movie Trailer Released


Young director Sampath Nandi (Gowtham Nanda Review) has made a name for handling commercial subjects with great panache. He is among the few young directors who can handle mass heroes. But his subjects are getting increasingly formulaic, and the director is getting bashed for it.

Paper Boy Movie Trailer Released
Paper Boy Movie Trailer Released

The newest presentation from Sampath Nandi is Paper Boy. The concept poster and teaser looked exciting for the audience. However, the trailer that has come out is earning brickbats for its routine formula based story. Writing by Sampath Nandi looks like the only hope here for many.

Paper Boy stars Santosh Sobhan in the lead. Riya Suman and Tanya Hope are the female leads. The love story directed by Jaya Shankarr will arrive in cinemas on September 7th.

Paper Boy Theatrical Trailer

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