Orange Movie Completes 8 Years- Why It Is A Must Watchable Film?


Orange Movie Completes Eight Glorious Years:

The flick Orange might have disappointed many mega fans across the Globe but the hardcore movie lovers and critics still rate this flick as a classic love tale. For some movie enthusiasts who want to know the top notch qualities of this flick which made it one of the all-time favorite as follows:

Orange Movie
Orange Movie

1. Story:

Despite going for a safe side love entertainer, the director Bhaskar and hero Charan dared to attempt a bitter truth of love which is unable to get digested by many viewers. Except a rushed finishing, the director narrated many beautiful points of love.

2. Characters:

The director made the audience to know the different love stories of female lead’s Parents, Male lead’s Sister, and Brother-In-Law, hero’s friend’s love story with an innocent girl and the Naga Babu’s relationship with wife apart from Charan’s ten failed love stories. Each and every couple have their own way of relationship but none of them seem to work except for Naga Babu who always compromises for his wife with love.

3. Charan’s ten love stories:

Hero despite being an awesome lover never compromises his own character and lifestyle for any of his past girlfriends. With a theme to leave the lover whenever he loses love to feel on his partners, the male lead finally change his attitude looking at Naga Babu’s life.

4. Technical team:

This movie is very rich in the Production department, Music and Cinematography as they stand tall throughout the flick. Especially the music still tops the jukeboxes of many music lovers in the Telugu region.


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