Will This Young Hero’s Change Of Plan Workout At B.O?


Nithin Movies Pipelined With Unique Directors:

Young hero Nithin again lost his form with hat-trick flops in the recent times. This Nizam hero has now changed his mind and is concentrating on doing content driven flicks to revive his career.

Nithin Movies
Nithin Movies

Nithin after a long series of flops bounced back with love stories like Ishq, Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde etc. He gained the lover boy image and tried to repeat the same love cum comedy entertainer formula for his every movie. Except for A Aa, his trails failed miserably and ended up scoring a hat-trick of flops. Seems this hero has realized that it is time to change his image and started listening to all kinds of scripts.


Nithin has speculated to be okayed a script under the director Venky Atluri who is busy wrapping up the Akhil’s Mr.Majnu. Also, this hardcore fan of Pawan Kalyan is in talks with the RX-100 director Ajay Bhupati. As these flicks are not enough to change his image, Nithin has plans to do a movie under the classy director Chandrasekhar Yeleti for an out of box flick. Hope his new approach works for his best and revive his career.


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