Next Enti Is All About Love And Sex: Tamannah Bhatia


Next Enti Is All About Love And Sex. Says- Tamannah:

Tamannah who has once ruled the Tollywood with her glamour and performance has slowly shallowed out in the industry.

Next Enti
Next Enti

Her upcoming release Next Enti seems to be a game changer film for Tamannah in the Tollywood. The trailer which was released has garnered the attention of the youth especially the bold characterization of Tamannah in the film. The milky beauty portrays this kind of role for the first time in her career.

Talking about this film in the event launch Tamannah has stated that she comes from a very conservative industry where the people watches the films with their families. But she revealed that Next Enti script is all about love and sex. Tamannah has also opined that she loved the story because life is all about love and sex. She also added that she feels so correct about this and also has a strong connection as well.

Tamannah’s comments on the film script fill surely raise the curiosity on the film. Sundeep Kishan and Navdeep are playing the lead roles in this romantic entertainer. Have to wait and see how far this Love and Sex concept works out to the present audience.


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Next Enti Movie Teaser

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