Netflix Checkmates Zomato: Its Comeback Trolls Winning The Internet


Netflix Trolled Zomato Back. Netflix Winning The Internet Re-Trolls.


Radhika Apte has become the queen of online media these days. Especially Netflix is completely utilizing her craze and re-trolling trollers. Its recent counter to its rival Zomato stood as a highlight.

Netflix Trolled Zomato
Netflix Trolled Zomato

Earlier, Netflix trolled the trollers of Radhika Apte by releasing the poster of Radflix and declared her as Omnipresent. With this witty humour, many online trollers shut their mouths and agreed their defeat silently. Not less than a day, an online media site Zomato tried to ridicule the Radhika Apte and Netflix by releasing a poster of dishes which are made with Paneer like Kadai Paneer, Tandoori Paneer, Garlic Paneer. Etc. and declared that not just Radhika, there are many things in this world that are omnipresent. Here, Zomato’s idea is to compare Radhika with Paneer which is bland in taste.


However, the Netflix which made Radhika as the online media Queen came to the rescue of this talented actress. The management of Netflix worked their best and re-trolled the troll of Zomato. They circled the letters of each item enlisted in Zomato troll such that these letters when put together, it reads like Radhika. This is said to be the Baap of all trolls. Not stopping there, Netflix has written Omnipresence in the place of Paneer to declare that none can beat Radhika Apte as long as it is in the safe hands of Netflix. Currently, there are three shows running on this online entertainment portal based on this Legend beauty.


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