Nayan Truly A Game Changer For The Actresses In South India


Nayanathara – A Game Changer For The Actresses In South India.

The lady superstar of South India, Nayantara is currently leading the Tamil Box office with two of her movies right now. The revenues of these two movies and speculated remuneration have made this actress, a golden duck for makers and distributors.


Nayantara’s two flicks, Imaikkaa Nodigal and Kolamavu Kokila are currently competing with each other for the first two spots in Kollywood. Even though Kolamavu Kokila released first and leading the box office in the first place, it got replaced by her recent release Imaikka Nodigal. According to the distributors, the family and youth are going gaga over Nayantara making her the real star among all the actresses. This unprecedented craze for female-driven roles has brought back by this Chandramukhi actress. With already having two flicks in the top ten grossers of this year in Tamil, Nayan is allegedly received a whopping remuneration of about 4-5 crores for a movie which is more than many leading young heroes in South India.


Her stardom and success have not only limited to her but it made the Kollywood revolve around women-centric flicks. The director of Imaikkaa Nodigal claims that the CBI role of the movie was actually written for a male star but the addition of Nayan into the script completely changed the plot. Thanks to Nayan, now all the actresses are coming with the lady oriented scripts. Samantha with U-turn and Trisha’s 96 is also on the way to test their lucks. Recently Kajal Agarwal also doing the female lead dominated Queen remake in Tamil titled Paris Paris. Nayan truly is the game changer for the actresses in South India.

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