At Narthanasala Pre-Release Function Tomorrow


Nartanasala Pre Release Event Tomorrow.

The pre-release function of At Narthanasala will happen on August 24th. The buzz on the movie starring Naga Shaurya is very high thanks to the successful audio and the teaser.

Nartanasala Pre Release Event
Nartanasala Pre Release Event

The glimpse of comedy in the teaser and chemistry between the lead pair is eagerly awaited in the fun romantic entertainer directed by Srinivasa Chakravarthy. Just like the last film of Naga Shaurya, Chalo, this one too is directed by a debutant.

Usha Mulpuri produces At Nartanasala under IRA Creations banner. Mahati Sagar provides the music. Kashmira and Yamini Bhaskar are the heroines in the film which is going to hit screens worldwide on August 30.

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