Music Review: At Nartanasala Scores In Melody


AtNartanasala Music Review

Chalo was a blockbuster music success. The song ‘Choosi Choodangane’ was a rage all over. At Nartanasala is the new film in the music director Mahati Swara Sagar and actor Naga Shaurya’s combination.

AtNartanasala Music Review
AtNartanasala Music Review

There are five songs in the album with one feeling like the mandatory explaining the hero character kind of song and another wedding or celebratory function song. Apart from those two, the remaining three are melody filled numbers. It is these three that stand out with a unique feel for each song.

Egireney is undoubtedly the best of the three melody numbers. The song, singer, tune and orchestration are flowing smoothly and complimenting each other. The beginning of the song is heavenly reminding us of the work of Mahathi’s father, Mani Sharma. Pichi Pichi Ga is a sensually sung catchy number with a unique feel attached to it. Ila Neetho has terrific classical interludes that one can keep playing in loop. However, the singing and tune are not up to the level of the other two. Still, it gets better in multiple listens, and one will be hooked.

At Nartanasala is a delight to music lovers who love simple and lilting melodies. The videos too are out, and they are shot well. With proper placement in the movie, they are going to increase the impact further.

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