Nag’s Slip Of Tongue Irks Superstar Fans


King Akkineni Nagarjuna is known for his generous nature and is always there to support a well-made film. A great example can be seen recently when the star backed Chi La Sow but didn’t hesitate to promote Goodachari that released in competition and emerged as victorious.

However, sometimes in excitement one slips in details though there is no intent to hurt. Nagarjuna made such a slip of the tongue at the success meet of Goodachari. He said that only three films, Rangasthalam, Mahanati and Goodachari had a successful run this year. Need we say why the fans of Superstar Mahesh Babu were irritated?

Ever since that comment, there has been a nonstop trolling by Mahesh Babu fans. With birthday and new movie around the corner, we are sure Nagarjuna would correct his statement if asked about it again. However, we feel it’s the team of RX100 who should be more upset with what the star said as the small film was a true blockbuster, unlike the star’s film.

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